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Welcome! In the heart of the Bruges city center, Jerry's Cigar Bar sells cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, smoking accessories, postcards, souvenirs,... in a pleasant environment. Don't forget to try a "brandy" or a whisky.

Enjoy a "snack" on our summery "terrace" on the Simon Stevin Square. Even when it's cold and rainy, you can come in for a warming drink and a smoke!

Check out our website to find out more about Jerry's Cigar Bar and our products. We're looking forward to see you soon!


We also organise meetings where we let our customers taste the best cigars and whisky in the world. Guarantee you'll learn something!
Check the calendar for more meetings.


The roots of our shop

Jerry's Cigar Bar goes way back in time... Maria Verselle already sold tobacco in this house 150 years ago. Many decades later, Katrien and Jerry took over the shop from Katriens parents.

So they've changed the name into "Jerry's Cigar Bar". Over the years they altered the store into what it is today, a charming shop in the middle of idyllic Bruges..
The best place to have a smoke or a drink!


A snapshot

Here you can see how our shop looks like nowadays.

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